Kayaks and small watercraft often require specific equipment for storage and handling of seafood. The range of accessories cater to landing the catch, securely, plus convey into storage systems and cool down.

Battery Box & Storage Bag

Provides the ideal holder for containment of smaller size batteries and other items used with electronics, kayaks and fishing. Heavy duty materials provide strong safe storage of heavy items. The bag is large enough to hold a 15 amp/hr battery. Access to the internal area is through a door with velcro fastenings large enough for the battery to be inserted. The door allows for a power cable to be directed to the battery. Soft internal material protects stored items and is non conductive. Webbing straps connect the bag to the underside of a kayaks deck area using the included bolts and washers. This holds the bag and battery below deck suspending it
above the hull. The battery height can be altered with the bags incorporated tri-glide fasteners, allowing its centre of gravity to be adjusted. This makes the battery box and storage bag perfect for use with kayaks and other small vessels.

Code: BBSB

Padded internal lining

Includes Fastenings

Full installation instructions

Internal size 100mm W x 90mm H x 70mm D

Insulated Catch Cooler bags

Heavy duty insulated bag storage system designed for use with kayaks. The kayak catch cooler bags feature UV stabilized white PVC upper surface for sun reflection and blue PVC exterior/interior
surfaces. This heavy duty material is tough, resists puncturing from fish spikes, easy to clean and does not absorb odors. 6mm closed cell EVA foam inserts between surfaces provide superior insulation, protecting the catch from warm conditions. This also retains cold temperatures inside the bag when using salt ice and ice packs. The insulated kayak cooler bag has a YKK plastic zip with two sliders and is reinforced with polypropylene opening. The full length zip runs from the rear of the bag on each side allowing the top to be folded back, exposing the entire internal space for easy catch removal and cleaning. An internal webbing loop is incorporated at the rear end of
the cooler bag for attachment of a fish threader clip. The bag is securely attached to any kayak using the webbing straps and tri-glide fasteners. The adjustable straps can also be adapted for use with backpacks during land based applications. Extra storage is also available with an elastic mesh polypropylene pocket incorporated on the top of the bag. The pocket is ideal for stowing equipment items like drift chute, net, dive fins and more. The insulated cooler catch bag is available in three sizes to suit various kayak models and is perfect for keeping the catch secure and fresh all day long.

Insulated Kayak Catch Cooler Bag Small


Suits kayak models with well sizes - 52cm L x 38cm W x 18cm H

Fits the following Kayaks

Ocean Kayak Prowler/Trident 13, 4.1, 4.5, Big Game II, Scrambler 11 and Tetra 12

Insulated Kayak Catch Cooler Bag Large


Suits kayak models with well sizes - 96cm L x 44cm x 17cm H

Fits the following kayak models:

Old Town Predator 13, MX and XL, Viking GT Profish and Reload

Insulated Kayak Catch Cooler Bag XLarge


Suits kayak models with well sizes - 76cm L x 46cm W x 16cm H

Fits the following kayak models:

Old Town Predator PDL, Ocean Kayak Trident 11, 13, 15, 4.3, 4.7 and more

Ice Pack Catch Coolers

One of the most common problems with kayak fishing is the inability to care for fish. Placing them in an insulated storage system offers protection although is limited without the ability to cool it down. Ice has a short lifespan returning to liquid once defrosted. In this form its mass can move freely within the area causing stability issues. The ice pack cooler prevents this by containing its mass and is designed to use in conjunction with storage systems like insulated catch bags, kayak coolers and pods. The ice pack is made up of individual cells that are held together using a PVC bag. Each cell is contained within a tough shell and is filled with a non toxic material that stays cold for longer periods of time than conventional ice. Even longer cooling times are achieved when multiple cells are contained together within a PVC bag. By placing the PVC ice pack catch cooler within an insulated storage system the user creates a solid layer of ice on the bottom surface. This places fish directly onto the ice and begins cooling them down immediately after landing. The benefits include a more consistent chill zone within the space resulting in optimum eating quality of the catch. The outer surface is tough, resists puncturing from fish spikes, easy to clean and will not absorb odours. The ice pack cooler saves money in the long term because it can be used for
years and is recharged by placing in the freezer for 8 to 10 hours.

Ice Pack Catch Cooler Small


Size - 260mm L x 210mm W x 40mm D

Number of cells: 2

Ice Pack Catch Cooler Large


Size - 420mm L x 260mm W x 40mm D

Number of cells: 4

Speed Fish Threader

Assists kayak anglers in the ability to secure and store fish. At the heart of the speed fish threader is a 33cm stainless needle that can be used to measure fish species with size limits below this length. The needle rod is made strong with a welded low profile design, is easy thread through a
fishes mouth and gill area. This connects to braided cord and immediately secures the catch. The fish threader is ideal for larger fish and can assist in bringing the catch on to the kayak once gaffed. Then it acts as a conveyor when the braided cord is attached to the rear of a storage area.
This is done by threading the stainless needle through the fishes mouth and out the gills, followed by pulling the cord until it is taut. Holding the cord in one hand and grabbing the fishes tail it can then be pushed down the line and into the containment area. This makes the speed fish threader
ideal for use with rear well areas and has enough cord to contain a number of fish. It also prevents the potential for capsize when storing the catch because there is no need to reach around with the fish in hand placing the user and kayak off balance. The fish threader comes with attachment clips for securing the cord and needle thread rod to the kayak. This also allows
detachment of the cord end loop so fish are easily removed.

Code: SFT

316 stainless clips 

3mm braided cord

Low profile welded stainless needle thread rod.

Length: 4 mt

Ultralite Floating Gaff with mounts (New)

The ultimate gaff suitable for general handling of fish from a kayak or other small watercraft. Ultra light construction weighing just 135g featuring a sleek compact design built on a high strength reinforced glass rod. Includes durable EVA handle for the best comfort and grip plus 316 stainless head stock forged
in rigid efficient design, 70mm gape, tri-cut tip for the ultimate penetration and point sheath. The quality head stock uses stainless fastening and two part glue system providing superior strength. Braided cord tether connects the gaff to an EVA float. Includes nylon quick release clips for easy attachment. Gaff floats if lost over the side and float assists with locating.
Safety message: Gaffs used with kayaks should not be connected to the vessel by a lanyard, especially during surf entry/exit where capsize/wave pressure is possible and could dislodge the gaff. This may cause a scenario where the gaff will be dragged along resulting in potential for injury to the user.

Strong fiberglass rod

Neoprene soft handle

Stainless tri-cut hook

EVA float

Polycarbonate mounting clips

Overal Length 47cm  - Hook gape: 70mm